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About Us

Nick Abrams: Drums & keyboard
Spencer Moore: Guitar & organ

Dudephone>x was created in the summer of 2001 just after one Nick Abrams and one Spencer Moore were graduated from junior high school. They recorded there very first album in Spencer's apartment with a 4 track, a mac IIci, bass and guitar. The album no doubt sounded very strange and would soon become Electric Octopus.
Nick and Spencer would go on to further develop there musical skills together and record many live studio recordings (from 2002-2003) at New York's notorious Funkedelic practice studios. Some of these live two tracks made it on The Osama Tapes. After a period of not playing Spencer and Nick (now high school juniors in 2004) joined forces again to produce a 3rd album Coke Float. Digitally multi-tracked in one night in Funkedelic's studio 16 it combined many older themes that they had been working on. The album turned out to be the cleanest project so far. Dudephone>x is currently working in the studio recording a brand new album "Keith rocks planets". This new tonal journey is being produced by Keith Abrams a very fine engineer and drummer (and Nicks older Brother). It will include many new and glorious tracks of that great Dudephone>x sound.